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Pedal force / breaking power

PK-, PKH-, PKF-Series, pedal force gauge for cars, trucks, two-wheeled vehicles, brake pedal and handbrake.

Brake pedal meter with hand terminal Brake force measurement on Bikes Hand terminal display Pedal force wireless transmission

Pedal force gauge for motor vehicles - Test area for forces acting on the brake pedal and/or on the handbrake. For measurement, the force transducer is simply clipped to the brake pedal with a clamping bracket or fastened to the handbrake with a belt. Series 1.0 for two-wheelers is used to measure the forces on handbrake levers of motorcycles or bicycles. Data output via analogue signal, hand terminal or radio transmission.


Pedal force gauge for cars, trucks and two-wheelers                          Pedal force gauge with wireless transmission