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Environmental Monitoring

Weather Station

We offer with environmental monitoring with robust, high accurate, nearly maintenance free sensor systems for wind speed / direction, precipitation, barometric pressure, temperature, humidity and solar radiation

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Wind Instruments

wind sensor

Wind speed and direction, 0 to 100 m/s, +/- 0,3 % or 1% of reading.
Wind direction azimuth and accuracy 0 to 360° mechanical, 355° elektrical, +/- 3 %.
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Tipping bucket rainfall gauge

Rainfall Gauge

Sturdy construction,stainless steel jacket, copper collector anodised aluminum base, dual output reed switsches.
Measures 0 to 500 mm rain per hour, accuracy +/- 2% to 200 mm/hr, +/- 3% to 380 mm/hr
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Humidity and Temperature

temperature humidity probetemperature probe

Outdoor humidty and temperature measurement, highly precise, long term stability, negelgible hysteresis

Small diameter, proven HUMICAP® 180R humidity sensor, Pt100 RTD temperature sensors

Additional temperatur sensors measure teperature in air, water, soil, snow, ice, in fresh or sea water up to depth of 30 meters

Linear sensors (LM34) -17,8 to100° (+/- 1,5°C), Thermistor probes -30 to 100°C (+/- 0,1 °C)

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Vaisala Multi - Weather Instrument (six in one)

Vaisala WXT536 Weather Transmitter

The six in one solution:

Barometric pressure, humidity, precipitation, temperatuer, wind speed, wind direction

Compact & light weight, accurate and reliable

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Pyranometers Apogee


Self-cleaning dome-shaped head, excellent cosine response, calibrated silicon-cell photodiode sensor accurate to +/- 5% under clear sky

Easily integrates with Unidata IoT Datalogger und Neon Remote Systeme and EKO ML-01, an industrial grade solar sensor specially made for meteorological, agricultural and environmental studies

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