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WR-10X X-Band Mini Weather Radar     

The WR-10X is a useful system for real-time monitoring of weather phenomena in areas with complex topography in urban and rural areas or as a gap filler in existing networks.

A mobile version, quickly set up and installed, becomes an important tool e.g. for disaster management in meteorological alert situations in areas with significant hydrological risks.

Virtually limitless, cluster networks can be set up with the WR-10X, providing a comprehensive picture of all data collected on the network.

State-of-the-art technology, low installation requirements, and low operating costs offer an attractive alternative to large radars with high ongoing costs.

The system provides comprehensive, understandable radar output data, the so-called "weather products" and the open software structure allows customer-specific extensions and adaptations at any time.

The control and display software with intuitive graphical interface can also be visualized on the web. Remote control allows all standard operations, queries and tests from any location.
Key Specifications WR-10X:

    X-band Magnetron TX (10KW peak power)
    Single polarized
    360° horizontal rotation and up to 180° elevation angle.
    Compact antenna <3° beamwidth
    Maximum range 108 km
    Optional accessories for mobile installations
    Compact radome 0.9m x 1.3m, <90Kg
    Low power consumption


    Identical to WR-10X, elevation angle fixed
    Low cost

For more information, please see product video: