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Flight Termination Systems

Complete flight termination systems for UAVs and missiles according to IRIG standard

We assemble the most effective system for your application

Ground level:

Ground Station Control Unit

HF Power Amplifier

Helix BodenantenneOmnidirectional AntennaTracking AntennaAntenna Switching System

THLV 100 MV Pole

Example: Ground station control, Mobile ground station
programmable (HF carrier, power, tone frequencies), optional remote control, sniffer, redundancy, antenna control system

Examples: RF power amplifier 19", RF power amplifier for mast mounting
Standard up to 3 kW, others on request

Some examples: Helical antennas, omnidirectional antennas, tracking antennas,
antenna splitter systems and pole systems



C-Band Flugantenne S-Band Flugantenne
Patch Antenna


Flight Termination Receiver (FTR)

Antennas: UHF 32°, UHF 23°,S-BandL-Band and C-Band
on-board antennas, light, robust, reliable.
Blade, omni, helical and patch.
Others available on request!

Splitter / Combiner 2-way / 3-way, or others, ask for it. Adapted to RF frequency, optimized for loss / distortion examples are UHF band, ask for S- or C-band

compact, lightweight and  fully programmable (RF frequency and tones)