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Flight Termination Systems

Complete flight termination systems for UAVs and missiles according to IRIG standard

We assemble the most effective system for your application

Ground level:

Ground Station Control Unit

HF Power Amplifier

Helix BodenantenneOmnidirectional AntennaTracking AntennaAntenna Switching System

Ground station control, Mobile ground station
programmable (HF carrier, power, tone frequencies), optional remote control, sniffer, redundancy, antenna control system

HF power amplifier,
Standard up to 3 kW, others on request

Helical antennas, omnidirectional antennas, tracking antennas,
antenna splitter systems and pole systems



C-Band FlugantenneS-Band FlugantenneUHF FlugantennePatch Antenna


Flight Termination Receiver (FTR)

Antennas: UHF, S-BandL-Band and C-Band
on-board antennas, light, robust, reliable.
Blade, omni, helical and patch.
Others available on request!

Splitter / Combiner 2-way / 3-way,
adapted to RF frequency, optimized for loss / distortion

examples are UHF band, ask for S- or C-band

compact, lightweight and  fully programmable (RF frequency and tones)